7 minutes / 2011
Animation Short
Director: Gatumia Gatumia
Country: Kenya
Synopsis: Not so long ago, in a beautiful land, there lived a man. Unfortunately not everyone who came to the land was honest and true. Some folks were very greedy. These unjust individuals sought to take as much as they could from the man. Eventually, the man had suffered so much that he decided to find a way to deal with the problem. Originally the story was an allegory about the disenfranchisement of the Africans by the Europeans especially during and after ‘the Scramble for Africa’. The principles are equally true of any situation in which one party, wrongfully and especially forcefully, acquires another party’s property or rights. Unfortunately this is a problem still rife in Africa where exploitative situations still persist perpetrated by either Africans on Africans and Foreigners on Africans. The film’s tag line is, “The cost of Justice is a price worth paying."