9 minutes / 2014
Documentary Short
Director: Sive Runeli
Country: South Africa
Synopsis: In this very personal film, young filmmaker, Sive Runeli raises questions about Itlawulo – an age long tradition where a man pays damages to a girl if he gets pregnant before marriage. When cultural protocol is not followed the girl, her house and the child is "shamed". According to these rules Sive has brought shame to her house but she does not want her young son to have to carry this burden. As a young modern Xhosa woman that has to behave according to the rules of the past and her culture while living in the present, Sive finds it difficult to address these questions with her immediate family. In this film, she invites us to accompany her as she visits two elders who are well versed in cultural matters with hope that this will lead to a resolution for her.